Pre-Program Checklist for Jeff Davidson's Presentation

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Your Goals for this Presentation

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What are the two biggest challenges facing your industry?


What are the two biggest challenges facing your organization?


What are the two biggest challenges facing your attendees?


What are you proud of as an organization or industry?

What happens before and after Jeff speaks?

Will there be:

  A trade show?   A directory of trade show exhibitors?
  Executive or director sessions?   Spouses or member/spouses sessions?
  A conference guide?   An attendance roster?

Are there any buzz words or technical terms of which Jeff should be aware?

Are there any taboo topics/issues/terms of which Jeff should be aware?

Success Factors

What major concept, or know-how do you want attendees to retain from Jeff's program?

How will you evaluate the success of the program Jeff conducts?

Audience/Organization Profile

Number of attendees:
   Average education:
Average age range:
   Experience levels:
Male/female %:
   Salary/income range:

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List the three most important things Jeff should know about the group:


Which individuals should be specifically recognized and why?

The Meeting

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Nature of Event:  

Is there anything else Jeff needs to know to present the best program for you?

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PLEASE SEND Jeff a copy of your meeting agenda or invitation, any organization newsletters, papers or flyers, and any other promotional materials for this event. Please call 800-735-1994 at any time with questions.