Get a Life

(Oasis Audio, 120 minutes, 2 CDs) Price:$19.95

Fun & Effective
If you're too busy, overworked or under-appreciated, here's some welcome relief. In just 2 hours you'll understand why life's gotten so hectic (the 5 Mega-Realities) and you'll know how to take charge and win. This approach works!

Minutes a Day
Discover simple steps that put you back in control. Refreshing ideas that give you time for your priorities, your dreams, and some much-needed fun.

  • Be focused, connected, and alive
  • Stop work from running your life
  • Find time to have fun and relax
  • Control the deluge around you
  • Simplify your life
  • Slow down--and get more done
  • Tap your hidden energy reserves
  • Make free time appear out of nowhere

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