Re-Assessing Stress in the Workplace

(Westcott Communications, 3 30-minutes videos) Price:$297.00

Power-packed programs on conquering workplace stress first presented to a studio audience and a satellite viewing audience of more than 15,000 corporate, government, association, and healthcare employees. In Video I, Facing up to Modern Stressors, Jeff discusses rightsizing, the associated stress and anxieties that corporate survivors experience, why so many individuals today feel overwhelmed and exhausted, environmental impediments to high productivity, and how to flourish despite these issues. In Video II, Handling Workplace Distractions, Jeff discusses why we are the most distracted generation in history, why more interruptions are all but guaranteed, and what one can do about the workplace disruptions that diminish overall productivity. In Video III, New Choices for Greater Peace of Mind, Jeff discusses and demonstrates how to make profound choices regarding work, health, success, and personal life that immediately reduce stress and restore one's sense of balance.

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