Simplicity: How to Focus on the Vital Few Rather than the Trivial Many

(SkillPath, 300 minutes, 4 CDs) Price:$59.95

Is your life one long mad rush? It's time to simplify! Now, by following proven, practical strategies, you can de-clutter your life, your job, and your brain. Forget about taking work home every night, stop carrying around a mental to-do list as long as your arm, and start getting more out of every day.
By practicing a few powerful techniques, you can take charge of your life again without sacrificing what's really important. You can learn how to set your own ground rules, stomp out false social expectations, and reclaim your sanity.
Wouldn't It Be Great To Know...?

  • How to de-program your manic tendencies
  • Tips on organizing your domestic life
  • The victorious circle of getting organized
  • Ways to banish unnecessary complexity
  • How to cut your daily task list by half
  • How to travel like an efficiency expert
  • The 10 Commandments of good deskmanship
  • Creative paper control
  • What to do about information overload
  • How to break self-defeating habits
  • The right way to handle errands
  • How to have a leisure seizure
  • How to revitalize relationships
  • And much, much more!
worrying about what others think or what's acceptable. Listen and learn their secrets, explained in easy-to-follow, incremental steps. You can be well, happy, and balanced.

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